How Long Do Golf Irons Last

With continued use and damage, your golf irons will need to be replaced. A time will come when your irons will not work like they used to. Golf irons are probably the most used clubs and they cost lots of money. This is reason enough to know how long these clubs will last.

Life Expectancy of Golf Irons


The standard golf set is made up of 14 clubs and the number of irons varies from 7 to 11. This gear is used in a variety of situations from fairway, rough, tee, to even extracting the ball from different hazards. Typically, golf irons tend to last very long. According to most golfers, golf irons can last for about 10 years.  Unless you get really angry and slam your irons into the ground or throw your clubs against trees, you can expect them to last longer.

In the past, best golf balls and clubs were made of wood and the regular replacement was quite expensive for golfers. Today, modern balls are steel clubs are cheaper and made of durable material that guarantees them a longer lifespan. Whenever you play, you will be increasing the probability of damaging your irons. However, the chances of your clubs breaking are slim, especially during this modern era of golf.

When Should Your Golf Irons be Replaced

Inevitably, your irons will deteriorate over time. However, your best golf clubs will wear out at varying rates. This means that the more playtime you have with your irons, the faster they will wear out.  Replacing your irons will largely depend on your seriousness with the game. Casual players can still use their golf irons for a longer period. However, for those who are competitive in this sport, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. So when should you replace your irons?

Worn Out Grooves

You need to inspect the grooves on your club. Dirty or extremely damaged clubs will negatively affect your performance. You must ensure that the grooves are in perfect condition. If you notice that your shots are traveling further and higher than normal, then this is a sign that your grooves should be checked. This is important because your accuracy will be affected significantly.

In most cases, the grooves may just be dirty and grass or dirt can be removed using a damp cloth. However, if you discover that your grooves are worn out, then you should replace your head or buy new irons.

Your Irons Lose Their Pop

If your irons lose their pop, then this is a clear sign that the clubs have reached the end of their life. You should also upgrade your irons if your shots are not making their normal accuracy or distances. Replacing your irons will ensure that you enjoy your gaming better.

Damaged Heads

The heads of your golf irons can get damaged pretty easily, especially when used in rough and deep woods or other areas with hard items below the ground. Your clubs may get dings or dents, but they can still perform adequately. However, if the heads are severely damaged, they will affect your performance and this is why changing them is necessary.

Whether you play golf for fun or professionally, you must ensure that your irons are in perfect working condition. Whenever you notice any change in your performance, then you can replace your golf iron set with new ones. Modern clubs today can withstand lots of damage owing to innovative construction and premium quality materials, however, you do not have to prove this fact on your own. Your golf irons will only serve you longer if they are well taken care of.

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